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Are you looking for information on All Saints’ Current Solar Project?


Watch a short presentation about Solar Energy and learn how you might qualify for financial assistance.

Find information, encouragement and resources for how you can make a positive impact on climate change on the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles’ Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change webpage. 
Click HERE to visit.

Climate Justice by Mary Robinson
Anthropocene – A very Short Introduction
by Erle C, Ellis
The Uninhabitable Earth
by David Wallace-Wells
Revolutionary Power
by Shalanda Baker
by Paul Hawken
How to Prepare for Climate Change
by David Pogue
The Creation Care Bible Challenge
by Marek P. Zabriskie

National Aeronautics and Space Administration:
University of Maryland future-climate calculator:  (This calculator will display what the climate in a given city might look like in 2080).
Heat and Rainfall projections –
Climate Explorer:
NOAA – sea level rise calculator and information about how Climate Change will affect our coastline:
Mental health in the face of Climate Change:,
Educational Resources:,,,

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